Temporary Personnel

Strategic Staffing Resources

At the Assurance group we clearly understand that the contingent workforce will continue to grow in the next decade based upon two needs….the first is for employers to be able to access and utilize a flexible workforce and the second is the desire of workers to find a mobile, flexible and educational work arrangement. We are firm in our belief that our forty-three years in the industry provides us with the ability to meet the needs of our clients and our employees. This emerging change in the workforce of the future presents the Staffing Industry with an unprecedented opportunity to meet the demands of employer requirements/needs and employee expectations. All of us at the Assurance group are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Our client relationships have long been a priority at Assurance. We spend our time understanding our client’s business model, the ever changing flux that creates challenges for them at every level and the ways in which we can provide them with on-going solutions. Our expertise is in helping our clients become more efficient, more productive, and more competitive and of course, more profitable. Doing this has also provided us with the ability to meet the needs of our employees by offering them work opportunities that are flexible, interesting and rewarding.

We are experts in managing workforce demands and offer job opportunities in the following industries:







Call Centers




Government Services

At Assurance, we are leveraging our Staffing Industry knowledge to help our clients maximize the use of a contingent workforce and to help our employees locate the best job opportunity to meet their employment needs. Please contact a local office to further information.