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All of us at the Assurance group that are responsible for securing talented candidates for our clients recognize that the decade ahead represents unprecedented times...read more

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At the Assurance group we clearly understand that the contingent workforce will continue to grow in the next decade based upon two needs...read more

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We are serving the needs of our clients, by providing comprehensive and affordably-priced human resource consulting services and solutions to assist Senior Management and Corporate HR Professionals...read more

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Our story begins in 1977 and our team of professionals at the Assurance group has never stopped learning and developing and embracing the industry that has given us the opportunity to assist so many people to achieve their goals. Whether it be the patient and their family wishing only to receive quality care provided by qualified, compassionate caregivers or the business client requesting a consultation on managing workforce demands that would permit them to leverage their position with their own customers and then providing them with the best available assignment employees to get the job done or the client who asks us to search for top tier candidates with the skill set that will help them to grow their business, remain competitive, be profitable.
It is our diversity that has provided us the opportunity to weather many storms and remain a strong, knowledgeable and confident firm. Our values, goals and beliefs as an organization are united in our desire to utilize our knowledge of and experience in the Staffing Industry to provide creative and productive solutions for our clients and challenging and meaningful opportunities for our applicants and candidates.